I'm starting a business AND a blog

Hello, you.

My name is Rob Riddle and I am the owner/photographer of Ghost Light Foto. It’s funny how you get to doing things. My path to becoming a photographer was not a straight line, although I now push forward with all my energy, resources, and focus.

I have been an actor in Chicago since 2010, when I got out of grad school with a Masters degree in opera & musical theatre performance. Acting was (and is) great, but as an actor in Chicago you often have to pick up a second job to make ends meet. A little over two years ago, I learned I was going to be a dad and one of my initial instincts was to buy a camera so I could create lasting memories of my kid. Thus began months of research on what gear I wanted to buy and what I wanted to do with it.

This quickly morphed into the idea of doing headshots for my many actor friends so that I might pay for said gear. After discovering I had an eye for framing shots and a skill for tricking people into looking how they wanted to in photographs, I decided to invest even more of my free time and money into learning the trade and seeing what else I could do with it. I had finally found a second job that was also a creative release.

Needless to say, that second job is quickly becoming my first job. I consistently shoot headshots for actors and business professionals, events for companies and friends, and I just recently shot my first wedding. I’m in the process of obtaining a DBA and EIN for Ghost Light Foto and I even have business insurance in case one of my lights falls on your head! (It won’t.)

I’m really looking forward to pursuing the business aspect of my new profession as I now feel reinvigorated with vision and purpose.

How’s this for a blog? Is this a blog? Never thought I’d be writing a blog.